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- Aperitivi / Liquori / Birre -

Specialty Liquors


Carpene Grappa Bianca 9

Persistent bouquet and a harmonious and delicate taste.


Carpene Grappa Riserva 9

Persistent bouquet and a harmoniour and delicate taste.


Russo Limoncello 7

It’s original fragrance brings forth the unique aromatic quality

of the Verdelli lemons.


Russo Nocino 7

Dark brown color with scents of walnut, nutmeg, cloves and coffee.

Rich walnut taste with a slight bitter undertone.


Russo Mandarino 7

Rich, sweet mandarin flavors with a smooth zesty after taste.


A.E. Dor Vs Cognac 12

Aged five years. Composed largely from grapes from Fins Bois.


Amaro Averna Siciliano 9

Full body, smooth taste and unmistakable aroma.

Carefully crafted using herbs and roots.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label 22

Blended Scotch Whisky


Local Craft Draft Birre


Angelina Specialty Drinks


Limoncello Gin  $7

Limoncello-Gin-Club soda


Italian Mule  $7

Citrus Vodka-Lime juice-Ginger Beer


Mimosa  $6

Prosecco-Triple sec-Orange juice


Italiano Ceco (Blind)  $7

Frangelico-Espresso-Irish Cream


Luna Mimosa  $6

Prosecco-Blue Curacao-Orange juice


Classic Mojito  $7

Rum-Soda Water-Mint-Sugar-Lime


Italian Mojito $7

White rum-Prosecco-Mint-Sugar-lime


Angelito  $7

Fresh Basil-Gin-Lime juice-Soda water


Amore in Spiaggia  $6

Vodka-Peach schnapps-cranberry juice-Orange juice


Limoncello Cosmo Martini  $8

Vodka-Limoncello-Cranberry juice


Limoncello Martini  $8

Vodka-Limoncello-lemon juice


Espresso Martini  $9

Espresso-Vodka-Kahlua-White crème de cacao


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